Andamooka Opal Cabochon - Fairy Opal Cabochons

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Andamooka Opal Cabochon

These Andamooka / Fairy Opal cabochon are some of the most beautiful and interesting pieces I have ever had in my collection. It is honestly hard to let them go!

They are just so fun to look at and so very unique. They mostly flash blue and green.

They weigh, on average 2 grams or around 10 carats.

I have them in two main categories: Oblong purple pieces and a variety of green shapes. I believe the pictures do a good job displaying them, but if you 'd like to see pictures of any specific piece or style - or specific dimensions - just send me a message :)

I am also including pictures of the back to show how flat they are and how perfect they are for jewelry :)

If a specific piece catches your eye I can check to see if it is still available and try to get it for you.

Fun fact: Andamooka Opal was presented to Queen Elizabeth II in 1954 when she first visited South Australia.

This listing is for one cabochon.

Only 10 left!