Aquamarine, Grape Agate, & Kunzite Heart Jar

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Aquamarine, Grape Agate, & Kunzite Heart Jar

This is our very own mix of aquamarine, grape agate, and kunzite layered in a thick glass heart-shaped jar. It is really quite beautiful if I say so myself :)

While each bottle will contain slightly more or less of one 'ingredient' they are about as follows: 

40 grams of Aquamarine
40 grams Grape Agate
60 grams of Kunzite

We can also switch out some chips for others if you have a preference for, let's say charoite instead of grape agate or rose quartz instead of Kunzite etc. It will just depend if we have the others available at the time. Send a note over and I will gladly do my best to make this the exact bottle you want :)

With the jar it weighs around 245 grams or 8.6 ounces.

The jar measures 3 inches tall (about 3.2 with the cork in), 2.4 wide at the max and 1.6 inches at the base, and 1.6 inches thick

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