Blue Fluorite Obelisks

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Blue Fluorite Obelisks

These predominantly blue fluorite obelisks have 4 nicely polished sides and come to nice points.

They may have some small green/yellow/purple fluorite color zones, but are mostly a very vivid blue, which is a bit less common in fluorite and quite nice in my opinion :)

I currently have them in the following sizes:

Size 1: 45-55 grams and around 2.2 inches tall

Size 2: 65-75 grams and around 2.5 inches tall

Size 3: 85-100 grams and around 2.7 inches tall

Size 4: 105-120 grams and around 3 inches tall

Size 5: 140-170 grams and around 3.5 inches tall

If you'd like one with a little purple or green along with the blue just let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you :)

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