Blue Lace Agate Slab Towers

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Blue Lace Agate Slab Towers

I like to call this type of tower a slab tower due to the ratio of the width to the depth - they are much wider than deep (or deeper than wide depending on your perspective I suppose). Either way - one dimension is much larger than the other :)

These are each a beautiful blue and white mix with the sides left somewhat raw on two sides - though they are still somewhat polished there as well. The rest of the tower is very smooth and nicely polished and they each stand well and come to smooth points.

They break down as follows:

Smaller One: 32 grams (a little over an ounce) and 1.4 inches tall with a 1.5 by .5 base.

Large One: 46 grams (about an ounce and a half) and 2 inches tall with a 1.7 by .43 inch base

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