Caramel Carnelian Towers

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Caramel Carnelian Towers

Due to this collection of carnelian towers being less red and more of a caramel-like mix of colors I am calling these Caramel Carnelian Towers.

They are nicely polished and smooth outside of the occasional natural vug or inclusion (some with calcite inclusions that are pretty nice in my opinion).

Currently they come in the following sizes:

Size 1: 20-40 grams (.7 to 1.4 ounces)

Size 2: 50-75 grams (1.76 to 2.64 ounces)

Size 3: 90-110 grams (3.17 to 3.88 ounces)

Size 4: 125-145 grams (4.40 to 5.11 ounces)

Size 5: 160-190 grams (5.64 to 6.70 ounces)

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