Clear Lodolite Sphere with Rainbows and Small Tristar

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This is a very clear lodolite (garden quartz / shamanic dream stone) sphere.

The interior has a snowy red field as well as some really nice rainbowing that gets magnified at certain angles due to the interior fractures of the quartz. The light plays nicely across the clear quartz as well.

Additionally, there is a small area where you can make a tristar by aiming the light source towards one of the larger the internal fractures. A regular line will form vertically while the other part will split into two different directions, one of which creates a small rainbow.

It is a bit difficult to find at first and is not particularly large, but still pretty mesmerizing. This is done by holding the non quartz part of the lodolite vertically and away from and following the line of light kind of like one does with a star rose quartz if that helps :)

It is small, but wonderful and one of our higher quality lodolite spheres.

It weighs 60 grams (2.1 ounces) and has a 1.4 inch diameter.

It includes a wooden sphere stand for free so it can be displayed right away :)

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