Dyed Brown and Off-White Agate Slice

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Dyed Brown and Off-White

I'm not positive this agate slice has been dyed, but there is one spot that glows under UV which is often a sign it has been - also there are some black dots that very well may be dye as well. None of this takes away from how attractive the piece is, but if something is not 100% natural I want to make sure everyone is aware of that, so it is better in this case to just assume it is!

The bands make a nice triangular shape, almost a little bit like the tip of an arrow, but a bit broader than most.

Typically I prefer to display the slices as seen in the pictures here, but this one may actually look better with the tip pointing upwards - which I have not pictured unfortunately - maybe I will rotate an image if I have enough time or take another one! :)

The quartz crystals are nice and some have developed into a pretty decent size relative to the opening/size of the slice.

It is well polished and smooth across the body of the slice.

It measures 4.5 inches wide, 3 inches tall, and a quarter inch thick.

It weighs 81 grams (about 2.85 ounces)

It also comes with a free black metal stand so that it can be displayed right out of the box :)

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