Clear Quartz Tower with an Interesting Inclusion

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Clear Quartz Tower


This clear quartz tower is incredibly clear throughout the vast majority of its fairly large body. It has one interesting inclusion near the middle and fairly deep inside. Probably a hematoid inclusion that just never made a larger impact. As is, it is kind of just a thin few lines that almost disappear at some angles.

Unfortunately, unless you prefer it this way, it has quite a lean. It still stands fine, but definitely leans several degrees to one side - as seen in the second image.

It has a small ding on the bottom as well that allowed some sort of staining to occur as well. I am discounting it because of the lean and this.

Otherwise it is a very beautiful clear tower that you can see completely through over a large part of its body.

The few small dings it has taken have also created some nice small rainbows so that is a plus :)

It stands 5 inches tall with a 1.9 by 1.3 inch base.

It weighs 321 grams (11.32 ounces)


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