Rainbow Fluorite Spheres

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Rainbow Fluorite Spheres

This selection of rainbow fluorite spheres are each nicely polished and smooth with nice color zoning. They each have a nice mix of mostly greens and purples

Their diameter, weight, and description is as follows:

Sphere #11:  170 grams (6 ounces) with a 1.84 inch diameter. This has some of the best gemmy clear fluorite I have ever had. It is incredibly clear with beautiful blues, greens, and thin purple bands. In some areas you can almost see completely through the middle of the green fluorite to the other side. Really amazing.

Sphere #12: 131 grams (4.62 ounces) with a 1.7 inch diameter. This sphere is just a perfect swirly mix of light and dark purples and greens. Very pretty.

Sphere #13: 106 grams (3.73 ounces) with a 1.6 inch diameter. It is pretty translucent with a great mix of white, clear, green, and purple fluorites.

Sphere #14: 220 grams (7.76 ounces) with a 2 inch diameter. This sphere has more of a cobbled together appearance versus clear bands. It has some really nice green, purple, and white. 

Sphere #15: 233 grams (8.21 ounces) with a 2 inch diameter. It has nice large swirling bands of green, white, and purple fluorite.

Each comes with a free stand so the sphere you choose can be displayed right out of the box :)

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