Rhyolite Towers

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Rhyolite Towers

These rhyolite towers have a nice polish and are smooth to the touch. They all have great patterns and are interesting mixes of reds, peach, white, browns, and tans mostly. Some also have a bit of druzy, but not all.

They currently come in the following sizes:

Size 1: 125-150 grams (4.40 to 5.29 ounces) and range from 3.5 to 4.5 inches tall (shorter are wider, taller thinner)

Size 2: 175-200 grams (6.17 to 7.05 ounces) and 4.75 to 5 inches tall.

Size 3: 250-275 grams (8.81 to 9.7 ounces) and 5.25 inches tall also has some nice sparkly druzy areas.

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