Ocean Jasper Flame with Quartz

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Ocean Jasper Flame with Quartz

This ocean jasper flame is pretty smooth outside of a couple of druse spots which are not sparkly. It is primarily red, pink, and yellow/orange with a little bit of lilac or similar bordering the red area. Pretty fun to trace around :)

There are little and medium orbs spread throughout the body with the smaller orbs near the top and some larger, mostly yellow/tan orbs mixed in with the pink in the lower half of the flame.

There is a small quartz areas near the middle of the flame's body in the large red section.

The base is smooth and it stands nicely.

It weighs 410 grams ( 14.4 ounces ) and stands 5.1 inches tall with a 2.3 by 1.7 inch base.

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