Large Pink and Red Ocean Jasper Flame

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Large Pink and Red Ocean Jasper Flame

This large ocean jasper flame is predominantly pink and red. The 'faces' or broader sides are mainly pink with the red in a band along the thinner side up the top and back down the other side to the base. A little bit of white is sprinkled throughout the body as well.

It is also fairly orbicular with pink orbs filling in red areas mostly.

There is also a little bit of druzy near the tip of the flame.

As for negatives - it has a small area, which can be seen in the second picture, which seems to have had a little chunk either taken out of it during carving or it just was not there to begin with. Either way, it is not particularly visually noticeable and does not, in my opinion, take away from the beauty of this piece, but I will discount it a little due to this :)

It weighs 816 grams ( 1 pound and 13 ounces ) and stands 6.5 inches tall with a 3.3 by 1.9 inch base.

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