Rainbow Fluorite Spheres

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Rainbow Fluorite Spheres

This selection of rainbow fluorite spheres are each nicely polished and smooth with nice color zoning. They each have a nice mix of mostly greens and purple with some white and clear fluorite as well.

Their diameter, weight, and description is as follows:

Sphere #19: 353 grams (12.45 ounces) with a 2.4 inch diameter. This sphere has some interesting white feathering on one side along with some great purples and greens that are mostly in broken bands and small to medium pools of each color.

Sphere #20: 282 grams (9.94 ounces) with a 2.2 inch diameter. One hemisphere has a nice mix of white sparkly bands mixed with purple and greens. The other half of the sphere is more of a swirling mix of fluorites. It have a very small, but seemingly polished, chip that likely happened during polishing. I'm discounting it because of this, but it is still beautiful and the spot is pretty hard to see and doesn't change much in my opinion :)

Sphere #21: 263 grams (9.23 ounces) with a 2.1 inch diameter. The center of this sphere is dominated by nice thin and deep purple bands with the outer sides, poles if you will, one is more green and the other is more purple.

Each comes with a free stand so the sphere you choose can be displayed right out of the box :)

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