Rainbow Fluorite Spheres

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Rainbow Fluorite Spheres

This selection of rainbow fluorite spheres are each nicely polished and smooth with nice color zoning. They each have a nice mix of mostly greens and purple with some white and clear fluorite as well.

Their diameter, weight, and description is as follows:

Sphere #22: 398 grams (14.03 ounces) with a diameter of 2.5 inches Mostly purple bands and sections with a thin bit of green in the middle and some larger white and clear fluorites mixed in.

Sphere #23: 315 grams (11.11 ounces) with a diameter of  2.3 inches. This sphere has a really interesting mix of translucent chambers, thin purple and green bands along with very large section that is mostly white and light purple.

Sphere #24: 483 grams (1 pound and one ounce) with a diameter of 2.7 inches. This sphere is primarily made up of large color sections and not as much banding. It is filled with large sections of purple, white, and really nice green sections.

Each comes with a free stand so the sphere you choose can be displayed right out of the box :)

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