Druzy Sphalerite Tower with A Cave System

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Druzy Sphalerite Tower with A Cave System

Sphalerite is often full of little divots and caves, but this is one of the few towers we have seen that looks like it has a full cave entrance at the base with an exit, eventually, on another side.

Inside the cave system you can see little stalactites and stalagmites comprised of colors not seen on the outside of the tower! This includes some nice reds and yellows.

The body of the tower is very druzy with three distinct bands circling the tower in very normal sphalerite colors - deep purples, greys, and little milky white area or two.

The tip is somewhat dulled, but does not appear chipped or anything - just a sphalerite tip - a bit warn and weathered in appearance like sphalerite so often is.

It is very druzy, again as sphalerite often is, and has all sorts of nice little holes and caves to peer into, but the true winner is the cave at the bottom in my opinion :)

It weighs 612 grams (1 pound and 5.5 ounces).

It stands 6 inches tall with a 2 by 1.9 inch base.

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