Light Rainbow Fluorite Spheres

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Light Rainbow Fluorite Spheres

This selection of rainbow fluorite spheres are each nicely polished and smooth with nice color zoning and are pretty light in color - with a fair amount of clear, purple, and yellow fluorite. 

Their diameter, weight, and description is as follows:

Sphere #6: 385 grams (13.58 ounces) with a 2.4 inch diameter. It has a nice rainbow section along with purple, clear, and fairly large yellow bands running throughout the sphere.

Sphere #7: 302 grams (10.65 ounces) with a 2.3 inch diameter. This one has some nice large clear fluorite section along with yellow and purple. There looks to also be some iron staining inside of the sphere creating a small reddish area similar to that seen in fire quartz etc.

Sphere #8: 466 grams (1 pound and .4 ounces) with a 2.6 inch diameter. This one has some really interesting sections of clear and yellow fluorite. There is also a very thin green band running through the center of the sphere. There are also several fine purple bands as well.

Sphere #9: 470 grams (1 pound and .5 ounces) with a 2.6 inch diameter. Really nice large bands and color zoning sections. Lots of clear and light purple fluorites.

Sphere #10: 454 grams (1 pound) with a 2.5 inch diameter. This one is very banded and has great color zoning. The bands are pretty straight outside of a few dips that they all take together :) Pretty interesting to think about what caused that. It has a nice mix of green, yellow, and purple - with one pole being completely purple as seen in the last picture.

Each comes with a free stand so the sphere you choose can be displayed right out of the box :)

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