70 Types of Crystal Bracelets - 5mm to 10mm Beads

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Crystal Bracelets - 5mm to 10mm Beads

I currently have a pretty large selection of bracelets :)

So, I have made the list as easy to sort through as possible by listing them alphabetically - if you have any questions or want an additional picture or two just send me a message :)

All bracelets are on an elastic band.

Current  bracelet selection:

African Bloodstone 10mm
Amazonite 8mm
Amazonite 9mm
Aquamarine 10mm
Auralite 23 10mm
Astrophyllite 8mm
Blue Apatite 8mm
Blue Goldstone Petite 5mm
Blue Goldstone 8mm
Blue Tiger's Eye 8mm
Black Tourmaline in Quartz 8mm
Black Tourmaline in Quartz 9mm
Black Tourmaline in Quartz 10mm
Caribbean Calcite 8mm
Carnelian (petite) 8mm
Colorful Strawberry 10mm
Colorful Thousand Layer 10mm
Colorful Tourmaline (petite) 8mm
Cracked Rainbow Quartz 8mm
Crazy Lace Agate 10mm
Deep Amethyst 6mm
Dendritic Agate 10mm
Dendritic Opal 8mm
Dragon Blood 10mm
Dream Amethyst 8mm
Fancy Jasper 8mm
Fancy Jasper 10mm
Garden Quartz 10mm
Garden Quartz 12mm
Garnet 9mm
Gold Sheen Obsidian 8mm
Goldstone 8mm
Goldstone with Lotus Charm 8mm
Golden Rutile Petite 8mm
Green Aventurine Freeform about 7mm
Green Sandstone 10mm
Howlite 8mm
HQ Black Tourmaline in Quartz 7mm
HQ Fire Quartz 10mm
Kambaba Jasper 10mm
Larvikite 10mm
Lepidolite 8mm
Moss Agate 8mm
Mookaite Freeform around 8mm
Prehnite with Epidote 9mm
Picasso Jasper 8mm
Pyrite 8mm
Que Sera 8mm
Rainbow Fluorite (petite) 5mm
Rainbow Fluorite (petite) 7mm
Rainbow Fluorite Flower Beads 10mm
Rainbow Moonstone 8mm
Rainbow Moonstone 10mm
Red Tiger's Eye 8mm
Rhodochrosite 7mm
Rubellite 8mm
Rose Quartz 8mm
Satin Spar 8mm
Snowflake Obsidian 10mm
Sodalite 10mm
Star Rose Quartz 9mm
Sunstone 8mm
Sunstone 9mm
Super Seven 8mm
Super Seven (petite) 8mm
Super Seven 9mm
Watermelon Chalcedony 8mm
White Moonstone 7mm
White Moonstone 9mm
Yellow Tiger's Eye XL 10mm

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