Crystal Puzzle Pieces - Pakistani

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Crystal Puzzle Pieces

These Pakistani puzzle pieces are all pretty similar in size and shape. While they can be put into formations similar to the first picture, they do not lock into one another. Two flat ones can be put to the side to make a third stand pretty steadily in the middle though - like pictured. Otherwise, some can stand on their own, but are pretty wobblily so I wouldn't try it on a surface that moves much - they aren't really designed for it, it just happens some can stand a bit.

They come in the following materials:

Banded Calcite, Chocolate Calcite, Garnet in Astrophyllite, Green Aventurine, Obsidian, Red Jasper, Serpentine

On average the puzzle pieces weigh 50 grams (1.7 ounces) and measure 2.5 inches tall, 2 inches wide, and .3 inches thick.

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