Dendritic Opal Towers

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Dendritic Opal Towers

Our Dendritic Opal Towers come in three sizes and shapes - detailed below - the points are all nicely shaped and polished. They are smooth, but not slick and the dendrites are nicely spread throughout their bodies.

The left and right choices are very similar in overall appearance, primarily a solid opaque white with grey and black mossy dendrites.

The middle on has one side that is almost entirely an interesting light grey color. It still has dendrites on that side, but there is less contrast which makes them harder to see. The other side is quite similar to the entirety of the other two towers. A very interesting 50/50 type of tower.

Their measurements are as follows:

Left - 3.5 inches tall with a 1 by 1 inch base and weighing 97 grams (3.42 ounces)

Middle -  3.5 inches tall with a 1 by .9 inch base and weighing 85 grams (3 ounces)

Right - 3.9 inches tall with a 1 by .9 inch  base and weighing 110 grams (3.88 ounces)

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