Discounted Amethyst Discs - Coins - Thick Wafers

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Discounted Amethyst Discs

These amethyst discs are really quite nice and well polished. However, for whatever reason the person who polished them decided to fill any vugs/divots/holes with a clear resin or glue. It is nearly impossible to see under normal light in my opinion, but under UV or black light it turns green - which in this case is a sure sign that it was filled/repaired and not a natural occurrence like some other materials which naturally turn green under UV (Septarian for example).

They are still really nice amethyst discs, smooth and light to dark purple.

They're also rather large - weighing an average of 90 grams each (3.17 ounces) with a diameter of between 1.9 and 2.2 inches. They tend to be about half an inch thick.

They come with a free plastic display stand similar to the what is in the pictures :)

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