Druzy Carnelian Towers - Quartzy and Sparkly Carnelian

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Druzy Carnelian Towers

This collection of druzy carnelian towers truly displays the wide array of colors and banding that carnelian is well known for.

These are numbered in the first two images and break down as follows.

1. 3 inches tall with some nice translucent areas that let you look into some almost bubbly looking yellow shapes beneath. It also has great druzy quartz near the top.

2. 3.5 inches tall with a really lovely mix of reds and oranges and a great large split near the base that runs an inch and a half towards the point filled with great sparkle.

3. 3.7 inches tall it has some nice, but small, sparkly quartz near the base, but the most interesting part of this tower is the wild pattern. The lines make some really interesting circles and waves.

4. 3.8 inches tall with an interesting translucent area near the base that reveals a very interesting green formation. It also has some very nice sparkle in the upper third.

5. 3.8 inches tall with lovely white and reds and a really great sparkle-filled vug/cave near the middle of one side that is rather large. The majority of the body is light with what almost looks like a lightning strike coming down from the point in a great red and orange burst the runs along the surface and just underneath the translucent white and clear areas.

6. 4 inches tall with an almost creamy coffee base, great and large sparkly area near the point, and a very rich body.

7. 4.2 inches tall with a very deep and large micro druse vug in the middle that just sparkles every time the light moves through it. The body is again a very deep and rich reddish brown. It does have a bit of a chip in the upper third so I am discounting it :)

8. 5.4 inches tall with a very huge section cut out and filled with beautiful quartzy teeth that sparkle nicely. The cave in the middle almost slices the tower in half and the void left behind is more than 50% of the space in this area. It is a very neat piece to look at.

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