Druzy Sphalerite Tower

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Druzy Sphalerite Tower

This is another wild and druzy sphalerite tower. Always an absolute favorite of mine. The absolutely torn apart structure leaves behind a maze of caves which make it hard to believe a piece like this still stands, but the base is solid and very sturdy.

Then within all of this beautiful wreckage is an endless amount of sparkle and druzy. While every crystal and tower is 'unique' I guess I would say very few are as varied and unique as sphalerite towers - in my opinion anyways :). Which is why I always tend to have a good amount of it.

The solid areas are nicely polished and quite smooth and the point is nice.

The tower weighs 653 grams (1 pound and 7 ounces)

It stands over 6 inches tall with a 2 by 2.1 inch base.

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