Garden Quartz Point

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Garden Quartz Point

This garden quartz / scenic quartz / lodolite (whichever you prefer) is simply not done justice by the images. The video is a better representation of how nice this piece is, but even it isn't quite enough - but is the best I could manage :)

It has a few nice rainbows and a clear view into the locked away world which in this garden / scene is primarily white, green, and red cliffside coming towards you at around a 30 degree angle if looking through what would be considered 'the front'

The polish is nice and smooth. A few facets and the tip are somewhat rough, but this was not shaped to come to a fine point to begin with. There is one chip in the body that I found - which while it creates another rainbows - it is also a small imperfection. Due to this little dings, the price is taking one as well and has been discounted :)

It weighs 158 grams ( 5.5 ounces) and measures 2 inches tall with a 1.8 by 1.7 inch base.

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