Golden Rutile Quartz Points

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Golden Rutile Quartz Points

The quartz, while somewhat cloudy, in these towers is absolutely packed with golden rutile. While regular light shows the golden rutilated quartz off well - a flashlight or stronger light source really shows all the fine strands of gold rutile that run throughout the towers.

We have labeled each one, so please just select the one you are interested in from the selection box. You will be receiving the exact number you choose.

1. 74 grams 1.8 inches tall with a 1.4 by 1.3 inch base

2. 80 grams 2.1 inches tall with a 1.2 by 1 inch base

3. 70 grams 2.4 inches tall with a 1.3 by .8 inch base

4. 40 grams 1.9 inches tall with a 1 by .7 inch base

5. 65 grams 2 inches tall with a 1.2 by 1 inch base

6. 62 grams 2.2 inches tall with a 1.6 by .8 inch base

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