Grape Agate Balls, Bubble, and Tiny Clusters

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Grape Agate / Botryoidal Purple Chalcedony Balls, Bubbles, and Tiny Clusters

You will receive one bottle filled to the top with grape agate balls / bubbles / and tiny clusters (about 15 grams).

The bottle weighs 10 grams and is 2 inches tall with a .8 inch diameter.

So in total the bottle + grape agate will be around 25 grams.

It will look almost identical to the bottle in the pictures and video.

The mix is about 50% single grapes and 50% with 2 or more fused together, even forming the occasional mini cluster.
The light catches them every time you walk by or move them around, very shiny. They ooze micro druse :)

These make great decorations, small gifts, etc.
Just do not eat them, no matter how tempting they may be.

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