Green Moonstone Palms

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Green Moonstone Palm Stones

Our green moonstone palm stones are all nicely shaped, round, well polished, and smooth to the touch.

The lines are also UV reactive and will glow a pretty bright greenish white color.

The schiller / flash effect is minimal to medium in my opinion.

Note: The composition of this material is still debated. Many have a schiller effect like moonstone, but so do other Feldspars. Some believe the green might come from nickel ore similar to garnierite. Some think it might be dyed. However, that is -usually- soluble in acetone and this is not. Either way, when I am not 100% on a material I want to provide as much information about it as -I- understand it :)

They currently come in the following sizes:

Size 1: 50 to 85 grams (1.75 to 3 ounces)

Size 2: 90 to 115 grams (3.15 to 4.05 ounces)

Size 3: 120 to 145 grams (4.23 to 5.11 ounces)

Size 4: 150 to 180 grams (5.29 to 6.34 ounces)

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