Huge Druzy Purple Grape Agate Cluster

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Huge Druzy Purple Grape Agate Cluster

This very purple and druzy grape agate cluster weighs 1.5 kilograms (4 pounds and 4.91 ounces).

It comes directly from Indonesia, which is the only place it is found in the world!

It has some of the best sparkle and finest grapes I have seen on a large cluster.

It can even stand as seen in one of the pictures, but I wouldn't risk it without some extra support unless you have a very stable surface for it. I just wanted to see if I could get a picture of it standing and was surprised that it can :)

There are countless little purple grapes with only a little white area (picture three shows it well).

I'm going to try and get a better video to show just how much sparkle this has - it is pretty intense and almost doesn't seem real.

It measures 7.5 inches long, 4.5 inches deep, and 3 inches tall.

It also comes with a free wooden base for it to be displayed on :)

If you have any questions or want to see more, just send me a message, thanks!


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