Huge Moss Agate Sphere

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Huge Moss Agate Sphere

I call this the boss moss. It weighs over 2 kilograms at 2,009 grams ( about 4 pounds and 6 ounces).

It is a beautiful mossy world full of druse, much of which is quite sparkly and druzy. To me it looks like a small planet full of greenery, blue rivers, and even a reddish canyon or two.

The only negative I have found is there seems to be a small repair with some transparent glue. It doesn't make much of an aesthetic difference to me, but is definitely worth noting. You can check it out in the third and fourth picture. I tried to highlight it with the UV in the fourth image.

It is polished nicely and is smooth outside of the natural druse areas.

The diameter is 4.75 inches.

It also comes with a free wooden stand worthy of holding this huge sphere :)

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