Lapis Lazuli Obelisks - Pakistani Lapis Lazuli Towers

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Lapis Lazuli Obelisks

These lapis lazuli towers are four-sided (obelisks) with great blue and gold coloring throughout. They are each between 4.8 and 5.2 inches tall.

They currently come in two sizes:

Small: 2 to 3 inches tall (some are shorter and wider, some taller and thinner - let me know if you have a preference) and average 95 grams (3.35 ounces)

Medium: 4.8 inches and 150 grams average weight (5.29 ounces)

Large 5.2 inches and 300 grams average weight (10.58 ounces)

X-Large: 6 inches tall and 450 grams average weight (15.87 ounces)

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