Large Amethyst and Agate Sphere

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Large Amethyst and Agate Sphere

This beautiful and quite large amethyst sphere is honestly stunning.

About half of the sphere is covered in large amethyst teeth that have a large opening in the middle that show the size and beauty of the ight purple amethyst teeth.

There are also many small rainbows within the amethyst teeth that wrap around the majority of the sphere.

The quality of this sphere is hard to overstate. It is highly polished with interest agate banding that fills the 50% of the sphere that is not covered in quartz and light amethyst.

It weighs nearly one kilogram at 980 grams or 2 pounds and 2.5 ounces.

The diameter is 3.5 inches.

It also includes the very nice wooden stand seen in the images and video.

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