Large Clear Quartz Tower with Rainbows - with Video

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Large Clear Quartz Tower

This is a pretty large clear quartz tower - over 7 inches tall with 3 by 2.5 inch base.

It is quite clear, as can be seen in the second image with my hand behind it :)

It has several distinct chambers inside the quartz and quite a bit of internal fractures that create some pretty nice rainbows.

It is also well polished and comes to a very fine point.

It weighs 1,333 grams (Right under 3 pounds!)

As for negatives - the base has a few rough spots and it has a slight lean which you can see in the images. It isn't bad, especially for a tower this size, but it also isn't perfect, but I think that's OK :) Regardless, I am discounting it some because of these issues.

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