Large Druzy Quartz and Agate Sphere

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Druzy Quartz and Agate Sphere

This large agate sphere has a huge druzy geode-like section that is several inches deep and very sparkly.

Nearly two thirds of the sphere is covered in quartz with the rest being a very nicely polished agate.

Besides the large druzy cave in the center of the sphere, there is also another druse area that can be seen in the third picture - this is actually the end of the large druzy cave - so it almost goes all the way through the sphere :)

The only negative I have found is a small nick in a part of the agate which can be seen in the final image.

It has a huge 4 inch diameter and weighs 1,395 grams which is over 3 pounds (3 pounds and 1.2 ounces to be more precise).

It also includes a free wooden stand capable of supporting and displaying this large sphere as soon as it arrives :)

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