Large Ocean Jasper Sphere

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Large Ocean Jasper Sphere

This ocean jasper sphere is quite large, weighing 1.623 grams (3 pounds and 9 ounces).

It is full of beautiful colors and the most special part, in my opinion, is a thin line that runs around most of the sphere and is druzy almost the entire length of the line. It has great greens, yellows.

Overall, this is a really amazing and beautiful sphere, BUT there is one problem I found with my trusty black light. There are 3 small sections (no more than an inch) of what was likely natural druse that, for some reason, was filled with transparent glue. So, while it doesn't take much away from the appearance of the sphere, I am still discounting it :)

The large green hemisphere is very sparkly. The sphere is quite smooth and well polished.

It has a diameter of 4.25 inches.

It also comes with a free wooden sphere stand capable of holding this large sphere for free :)

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