Large Orbicular Ocean Jasper Tower

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Large Orbicular Ocean Jasper Tower

This is, in my opinion, an amazing orbicular ocean jasper tower that comes to a fine and almost sharp point.

The colors and shapes are wonderful - not to go too overboard, but I definitely am about to...  it conjures up, to me, a world where Van Gogh's Sunflowers met his Starry Night. The swirling yellows and whites that mix and occasionally spin themselves into little orbs is just wonderful to look at. I often say it, but ocean jasper is definitely one of my favorites (sphalerite being maybe the top challenger) because of how unique each piece tends to be. 

Thee pictures do not do it close to justice - the video at least comes close :)

It stands steady, the facets are perfect, and it also has several very mice quartz inclusions that help light up the body from time to time. 

The piece weighs 484 grams (1 pound and 1 ounce).

It stands 6 inches tall with a 2 by 1.5 inch base.

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