Leaning and Discounted Blue Calcite Towers

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Leaning Discounted Blue Calcite Towers

This selection of blue calcite towers are a bit ... 'leany'

They're still quite nice, but have been discounted because of how much some of them lean. The second picture shows how much some of them do lean - though it probably would have looked better if they were at least leaning in the same direction in the picture :)

They stand fine and the blue and white is very nice, the polish is good, and the points are pretty nice too - they just lean more than I'd like so they have to be a bit discounted and I just always want to make sure everyone knows exactly what to expect when shopping with me :)

They come in two sizes:

Size 1: 4.2 inches (the first two)

Size 2: 5.6 inches tall (the second two)

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