Moss Agate Discs - Coin, Cabochon, Rounded, Etc

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Moss Agate Discs

This selection of moss discs all have a great amount of mossy dendrites running through the agate. They are nicely polished and smooth to the touch.

They could be used to display, look through and into, as a piece for a wrap or other type of jewelry and whatever else you may have in mind :)

Each disc comes with a plastic display stand like the one in the pictures.

They weigh, on average, 31 grams (a little over one ounce) and have a n average 2.2 inch diameter.

They have some color variance and if you have any preference please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.

They come in three styles

Flat Coin: A flat disc (first image) which is the same on both sides - like a large, thick coin.

Cabochon: Flat on one side and rounded on the other (second image) - like many cabochons.

Flat Disc: Like a flattened sphere or the top of a cabochon, but on both sides :) - See the third Image.

If you have any questions please just send me a message :)

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