Moss Agate Towers - High Quality Large Polished Moss Agate Towers

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Moss Agate Towers

This beautiful selection of moss agate towers each are quite unique, nicely polished, and show a beautiful range of moss.

They are numbered according to the first few images.

They measure as follows:

1. 4.4 inches tall and 10.23 ounces - super mossy with a wide range of colors - light green, dark green, and even some white dendritic areas.

2. 4.3 inches tall - very quartzy and very sold already by the time of this listing, sorry :)

3. 4.3 inches tall and 10.5 ounces - very sparkly, lots of beautiful moss right under the surface.

4. 7 inches tall and 18 ounces - really nice quartz, very sparkly, great moss spread all throughout the agate and body of the tower in general. Some quartz has grown enough to be distinct little teeth :) 

5. 5 inches tall and  9.77 ounces - a very interesting color palette on this one. Lighter greens, some white sections, and most noteworthy, in my opinion, is the incredibly sparkly botryoidal clusters in the middle.

6. 6.5 inches tall and 12 ounces - it has a great deep green mossy body with white quartz and an incredibly sparkly middle section that also has small space that you can see all the way through! Really a pretty amazing piece. It does have a really slight lean which can be seen in the pictures and video. So I will discount it some, but its hard to do that with how great this one is :)


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