Mystery Misfit Towers - 3 for 1

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Mystery Misfit Towers - 3 for 1

Over time I have collected a fair amount of towers that just do not quite make the cut for my main listings. However, I believe every tower deserves a home, so I am making a special 3 towers for what is generally about the price of 1 deal - with the only note being that these are what I am calling 'mystery misfits.'

I am hoping this will be a fun listing for people not looking for the 'perfect' tower or point. These each have some slight 'issue' - some lean a bit, some have a chipped tip, some may be a color that just doesn't quite 'work' for my regular listings.

So how does it work? Thanks for asking! :)

When purchasing a set of mystery misfits you will receive 3 different towers.

They will be 3 different sizes and 3 different materials. (unless you request them to be the same etc).

I will always do my best to accommodate any request. Don't like a certain material, let me know and I will be sure you don't get it in the mystery misfit pack! Prefer a lean to a chip? Done! (as often as possible anyways :) )

If you have any questions just let me know.

To be super clear: This is for 3 towers (small, medium, and large - typically 2 to 4 inches each). They will have minor to medium 'issues' that make them 'misfits' :)

Hope you all enjoy this and can have some fun with it!

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