Ocean Jasper Towers

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Ocean Jasper Towers

This selection of ocean jasper towers are quite colorful and are pretty orbicular.

They break down as follows:

Left: Weighs 116 grams (4.09 ounces) and is 3 inches tall. It has a nice amount of orbs, quartz, and is largely a variety of greens.

Middle: 75 grams (2.64 ounces) and is 3 inches tall. It might have been 3.1 inches, but the tip seems to have met with an unfortunate accident and is slightly chipped - which means I am discounting it :) It has some great quartz, orbs, and some nice small rainbows.

Right: 132 grams (4.65 ounces) and 4.2 inches tall. It has a nice quartzy middle and and is a mix of reds, browns, some peach-like coloring and thin greens. The orbs are relatively few.

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