Ocean Jasper Towers

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Ocean Jasper Towers

This selection of ocean jasper towers is a pretty diverse mix of what ocean jasper has to offer - both in color palettes and orb sizes.

They are numbered in the pictures and described below:

1. 4 inches tall, fairly wide, quartzy, and a deeper mix of colors with both large and small orbs.

2. 4 inches tall, also a bit wide, a lighter mix than number one. It has some great vugs with druzy.

3. 5.2 inches tall with a mix of smaller orbs, reds, and greens mostly.

4. 5 inches tall with a really interesting top section that almost looks like a worn castle tower. Beautiful white and yellow orbs dot the tower. It has a slight lean so I am discounting it slightly :)

5. 4 inches tall with a darker body. The top has some nice druzy. Fairly minimal orbs, but a nice amount of small quartz dot the whole tower and create a nice bit of sparkle.

6.  A little under 4 inches tall with a charcoal/grey body with some really beautiful green sections that might be quartz, but I'm not sure if the green is underneath or within the quartz. It has a tiny chip  on the tip and has been discounted due to this :)

7. 3.5 inches tall with countless small white orbs throughout the entire body of the tower. A classic mix of yellow, green, and white ocean jasper.

8. 3.7 inches tall with a really interesting body. Many white orbs cover the tower which is a white and grey mix, mostly. The zoning almost looks like it is being stretched up and over the top of the tower. Really interesting to look at. It also contains a good amount of sparkly quartz :)

This listing is for one ocean jasper tower corresponding to the number you pick :)


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