Prehnite Skull with Large Exposed Epidote

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Prehnite Skull with Large Exposed Epidote

This highly polished, large, and beautiful prehnite skull weighs 845 grams (1 pound and 13.8 ounces).

It has large botryoidal pieces of prehnite alongside the large epidote protruding out of the top of the open skull.

The skull is very nicely carved and incredibly unique. I have not had one quite like this before and doubt I will again any time soon :)

The large exposed epidote is about an inch long and half an inch thick. You can see it quite well in the second picture. Thinner epidote pieces run throughout the entire skull which varies from light to deep green.

It measures 4.3 inches deep, 3.4 inches tall, and 2.7 inches wide. 

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