Prehnite with Epidote Sphere with Sphere Stand

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Prehnite with Epidote Sphere

This prehnite sphere is full of druse. The areas that do not have any druse are very well polished and smooth. The areas with druse are varied. Some are rather plain while others house countless tiny crystals that make parts of there sphere incredibly shiny and druzy.

There are also countless threads of epidote spun throughout the prehnite.

With a flashlight you can really see into the more translucent areas and also understand why it is sometimes referred to as grape stone. The deep green becomes much lighter and give an entirely different world to look into.

It has a 27 inch diameter and weighs 437 grams (15.4 ounces).

It also includes a free wooden stand like what is seen in the pictures so you don't have to wait to display this beautiful prehnite sphere :)

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