Rainbow and Tropical Fluorite Towers

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Rainbow and Tropical Fluorite Towers

This selection of fluorite towers are each unique in their own ways - with a nice polish and points.

Going left to right:

Tower 1: Rainbow fluorite tower with deep greens, nice purple color zones splitting it, with an interesting mix of purple and white at the point. It is 5 inches tall.

Tower 2: A tropical mix of fluorite colors. Really interesting wavy sea green top with thin lines of purple mixing in with white in the middle. The base has a nice light yellow with some light greens and purple. It is 5.4 inches tall and really unique - not sure I've ever had one quite like it.

Tower 3: Another tropical mix of colors in my opinion - mostly light yellow that almost looks like pineapple at the base mixed with some light greens and a bit of purple near the top. It is 5.3 inches tall.

The video gives some extra detail into how each looks so I definitely suggest watching that if you are interested in any of the three towers listed here :)

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