Rainbow Aura Point Set - Rainbow Point Set

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Rainbow Aura Rainbow Point Set

These quartz points are first given a dominant color aura (pink, red, yellow, green, blue, or purple). They are then each finished with a rainbow aura coating.

The points themselves are somewhat rough which I think brings a nice touch to them combining the rough point with the softer and finer finishing touches of the various auras.

Each set comes like pictured, but will vary slightly from what is pictured in size and weight. Some blues may be larger, some greens smaller, etc.

On average a set weighs on average 65 grams. The points vary more and can range from 1.2 to 2.5 inches in length.

We make sure each set is a nice mix and if you have any specific questions or requests we're always happy to try and help and we tend to get back to people pretty quickly so don't hesitate to ask us anything :)

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