Rainbow Aura Zebra Jasper Towers - with Video

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Rainbow Aura Zebra Jasper Towers

These zebra jasper towers have great white and black natural coloring that has had the humanmade rainbow aura added as a nice finishing touch creating a very interesting mix - black and white with rainbow. They're nicely polished with good points. The rainbow aura is just enough to show when the light hits its without completely overpowering the natural black and white of the zebra jasper.

They currently come in the following sizes:

Size 1: 70 to 85 grams (2.46 to 2.99 ounces)

Size 2: 90 to 105 grams (3.17 to 3.70 ounces)

Both sizes average 3.9 inches tall - the larger size is tends to simply be a bit wider :)

Only 2 left!

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