Rainbow Fluorite Slab Towers

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Rainbow Fluorite Slab Towers

What is a slab tower? Well, they're what I've chosen to call these!

They are beautiful little rainbow fluorite slabs, shaped like towers, stand, but are much taller than they are wide - like a slab. To me, they also look like colorful little crystal houses :)

They definitely stand well, but due to the base dimensions I'd be careful standing them on anything that shakes very often!

I felt they looked like a small village when I was photographing the full set, so I have had some fun giving them each names - as follows :)


1: One Story House

101 grams (3.56 ounces) and 2.2 inches tall

It has a nice rainbows and is primarily white/clear and purple fluorite. Looks like there are some small blue streaks on the side and base.


2: Two Story House

125 grams and 2.7 inches tall

Mostly light and deep purple with some green and clearer fluorite towards the top.


3: Apartment Building

169 grams and 3.7 inches tall

Pretty intense color zoning. Some are nice solid bands, other areas look more like spilled ink. Very purple with clear and blue sections that show up well in natural light.


4: Town Hall

212 grams and 3.1 inches tall, 2.8 inches wide

Interesting vertical color zoning. Natural light shows a wide range of purple, clear/white, and green. The purples are quite varied from light to dark and thin to thick. 


5: Schoolhouse

160 grams and 3.1 inches tall, 2.1 inches wide

More green than some of the others, but still purple dominates indoors. Natural light shows a wider mix of green, purple, clear, and a little blue fluorite.


6: Lighthouse

168 grams and 3.7 inches tall

The most varied color zoning with both interior and natural light. Natural light shows a full range of clear, green, purple, some small bands of blue, and a large yellow section not contained in the others. So I suppose not only the shape, but also the yellow fluorite can help to give this on its name :)



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