Sparkly Quartz and Agate Sphere

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Sparkly Quartz and Agate Sphere

This agate sphere is nearly half beautiful, sparkly large quartz teeth that shine whenever the light hits them - see the video :)

There are countless little quartz teeth that reach probably 3/4ths of the width into the sphere - much more and it the quartz-filled cave would come right out the other side!

As for negatives, there is a small, but polished, probably unnatural chip in some of the clear agate near the mouth. It probably happened during polished, but it could have been a natural spot that was polished. You can kind of see it in the bottom right of the fourth picture. Either way, it makes little difference in the overall appearance of this beauty - just some more character :)

It weighs 702 grams (1.54 pounds)

It has a 3.5 inch diameter.

It also comes with a free wooden sphere stand so it can be displayed right away :)

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