'Stitched' Flower Agate Skull

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'Stitched' Flower Agate Skull

This is a first for us - and we have quite a few skulls :)

Whatever terrible thing befall our friend here, it seems someone at least cared enough to try and patch him up :)

The skull has a small hole in the forehead and has been carved to look like stitches were applied to a natural crack line that runs across the top of the skull. A pretty interesting way to add a bit of depth and detail to the skull.

It is very flowery and well polished. It has a mildly sparkly druse area on the top of the skull as well.

It weighs 755 grams (1 pound and 10.63 ounces).

It measures 4.2 inches deep, 3.1 inches tall, and 2.6 inches wide.

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