Super Druzy Sphalerite Tower

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Super Druzy Sphalerite Tower

This sphalerite tower is pretty amazing. It is beautifully battered by time; covered in druzy holes, caves, divots, and tiny crystal clusters. There are even a few spots with some decent-sized cubic sphalerite crystals.

The body, where it has some to show, is a deep purple - a pretty commonly seen sphalerite purple. It isn't light like some others. There are a few small traces of green and amber as well. Inside of one of the little druzy amber caverns are some small rainbows. A pretty fun thing to track down and look at :)

It almost looks like a castle's turret after a heavy battle, with the lower part taken partially out. It is hard to believe it is still standing, but it stands steady!

It probably goes without saying, but it does not come to a fine point. It adds to the weathered appearance. 

It weighs 633 grams (1 pound and 6 ounces).

It stands 4.9 inches tall with a 2.4 by 2.2 inch base.

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