White Ocean Jasper Towers

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White Ocean Jasper Towers


This collection of white ocean jasper towers are all nicely polished with fine tips. They each have different amounts of druse and a good amount of orbs.

Left: Weighs 138 grams (4.86 ounces) and is 3.5 inches tall. It has a huge druse area near the middle and one other rather deep hole that whistles if you blow across it :)

Middle: This thin, but the tallest of these three towers, stands 4.3 inches tall and weighs 108 grams (3.08 ounces). It has a nice druzy area in the lower third and a mild sparkle at the top.

Right: The largest tower - it weighs 205 grams (7.23 ounces) and stands 4.1 inches tall. It has a very mild chip near the tip so I am discounting it :) Outside of that, it has some great orbs and several very druzy areas.

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